Monday October 31, 2011 at 22:55

To Twitter: Yangshuo day 1

In the hotel. Wifi. But of course, China blocks every useful site. Fucking hell.

Schedules are so fucking unorganised…we even got off the train 3 hours late. Christ. Not sure how much more I can stand of all this “being positive and working with the team” bollocks. Interacting with so many people really annoys me.

Food’s not worse than expected. Obviously no better than expected.

The bathroom in this hotel is bloody awful. The shower is just a shower-head. The water runs onto the floor. Basically, the entire room is the “bathtub”. Whole place is fucking flooded. Toilets here can’t flush toilet paper, so all the shit-covered toilet paper goes into a bin. Oh wait, our toilet doesn’t even flush! Shoddy.

I can’t be bothered. Small village with a population of under 1000 people. 10 rolls of film? Probably going to get through 5.

Fuck this. I knew school trips were bad, and I’ve avoided them for as long as I could, but nothing could have prepared me for such a bloody unorganised mess as this.